Macbook Pro 2011 defective GPU

GPU recall back in 2015

GPU recall were done back in 2015, and now it failed again.

This is how I fixed the 2011 Macbook pro with defective AMD GPU, boot into command line and remove all those AMD driver, this will force the OS to use the Integrated GPU.

Boot into command line mode CMD+S and entering these commands:

1) fsck -fy (to check a disk)
2) mount -uw / (mount a root filesystem with read/write permissions)
3) sudo mkdir /AMD_Kexts/ (make a directory to store the AMD drivers in case you’ll need them in future)
4) sudo mv /System/Library/Extensions/AMD*.* /AMD_Kexts/ (move the AMD drivers)
5) sudo rm -rf /System/Library/Caches/ (remove the AMD drivers cache)
6) sudo mkdir /System/Library/Caches/ (just in case OS X will be dumb and will not recreate this directory, I am creating it for OS X)
7) sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions/ (to update the timestamps so that new driver caches – without AMD drivers – will be definitely rebuilt)
8) sudo umount / (umount a partition to guarantee that your changes are flushed to it)
9) sudo reboot

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